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#Innovation — 20.06.2017

Discover The Winners Of The 2017 BNP Paribas International Hackathon!

The biggest international hackathon of the financial industry took place over the weekend of 9 June 2017. The third edition that happened simultaneously in 10 cities around the world was a great success.

Start-up and experts from the BNP Paribas Group worked all weekend on a joint challenge: creating a unique customer experience. By the end of this exceptional weekend, 28 start-up were chosen to pursue the adventure with the Bank globally!

BNP Paribas Wealth Management was part of that huge adventure in 7 cities. Thanks to all our Wealth Management experts, we identified and selected several start-up as winners:


Endeksa is a mortgage digitalization solution to facilitate the evaluation and transaction of real estate assets through data analytics.

Kiraplus is a smart rental platform that makes real estate portfolio management and rental transactions simple, fast, reliable and advantageous.


Smovin is a plateform that helps customers maximise the profitability on their real estate investment by automating the administration tasks.

(United States): Even though none of the start-ups were selected as a Wealth Management winner for the Hackathon in the US, the exchanges between experts and start-up were very rich.

ROME (Italy)

GoSherpy is a digital concierge that offers to the client highly tailored financial and non-financial investment opportunities and helps the private banker to better know their clients’ profile.

SpidChain: An app for identity profiling and matching: a game where your friends say what they think about you, while earning loyalty points. With self-sovereign identity system on blockchain

Bankon VR: The first application of virtual reality for customer service.


Good Atlas Solution that uses advanced voice technology, natural language processing and artificial intelligence to provide real-time insights to Relationship Managers in their daily interactions with clients.


Q°emotion is a digital platform that analyzes and monitors the emotions of the audiences with innovative semantic algorithms.


Tetrao is based on robotic cognitive technology to behave like a human being and accelerate data gathering from the different web sources. This technology speeds up the professional onboarding process from several months to 3 days.


Thanks to all the people who were involved (experts, start-up, jury members) with this event; it was a great success but it’s just the beginning, now, it’s time to collaborate.